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LinkedIn has become the No.1 social media network for professionals. It has changed the whole paradigm of digital marketing for B2B companies. LinkedIn has a huge audience and an amazing amount of opportunity for businesses to widen its brand reach and generate leads from LinkedIn. But, with this huge audience it has become harder to reach out to individuals, if you are doing it manually. But our Meet Leonard reviews will help you make a better decision for a tool that can solve this problem.

There are around 575 Million users on LinkedIn and 40% of those access LinkedIn on daily basis. Can you imagine the business opportunity you have? Do you see the money coming to you from LinkedIn prospecting? I have put some amazing stats in the infograph below.


According to HubSpot “LinkedIn is 277% more effective at generating leads than Facebook and Twitter.” Not just that LinkedIn conversion rate also outranks any other social platform. In the same study from HubSpot, 98% of the traffic coming from LinkedIn converted into leads. That is almost all of the traffic coming from LinkedIn converting into leads and that makes sense.

Meet Leonard Overview

Meet Leonard is LinkedIn automation tool which automates your prospecting, lead generation and builds your network while you enjoy your Netflix and chill. Meet Leonard searches millions of profiles on LinkedIn and send them predefined messages. These messages have variables so users doesn’t think it is some kind of bot. Your message looks natural.

You can generate a huge number of quality leads and do it on scale with this LinkedIn automation tool. There are some amazing filtering options in this tool which helps you to reach only to the audience you want to target. You can filter based on company size, country and degree of relationship. This automated process can help marketers build their professional network and thus generate leads.

Think if you have to do this on your own. It would take you a lot of time or you can pay someone to do this for you. Meet Leonard do all the hectic work for you. It can send dozens of invites and sales generating messages in no time. With its Artificial Intelligence technology you can customize your messages for each individual and target only your potential buyers.

Keep in mind its not just for sending random messages. You can use it for automating your sales, marketing and recruitment tasks.

Free Trial
Meet Leonard

Automate your daily LinkedIn tasks. Grow your professional network, Prospecting, Lead Generation.

What to Expect from Meet Leonard?

Meet Leonard can be used for multiple purposes of sales, marketing and recruitment. Following are some of the purposes you can use it for

  • Researching your potential prospects.
  • Filtering LinkedIn profiles to get your target audience.
  • Selecting how many connection can be sent at a time.
  • Customized connection messages.
  • Automatically send welcome message when you get connected.
  • Tag your new connections to build a close relationship
  • Track your profile progress
  • Custom CRM to keep record

Features of Meet Leonard

Meet Leonard in simple words in a LinkedIn automation tool which grows your profile network. But, that is not that simple. Let’s see what it really has to offer. There are five main features of this automation tool. We have explained them below. This should help you make a decision whether you need this tool or not.

Grow Your LinkedIn Network

You can grow your professional network on LinkedIn using Meet Leonard. This feature will help you build you contacts network and make you an authority in your industry. The bigger the network you have, the more chances of success you get. If you start building your network by connecting manually, it can take you a long to build a good number of networks. This tool can help you connect with a huge number of professionals in a few minutes. It makes it easy to customized connection requests on LinkedIn and grow your connection and potential client’s list.

Engage with Potential Prospects

Number of connections is just a vanity metric and doesn’t represent true performance of business. Any good marketer simply wouldn’t rely on connection. They measure success based on engagement rate of a LinkedIn profile. Meet Leonard can help you engage with your potential clients on a scale level. This automation tool let’s you send personalized messages to your connection. The customization feature helps in building a more close relationship with clients. You can send bulk messages to all of your 1st level connections in LinkedIn. This feature can be used in both Sales Navigator and LinkedIn search.

InMail to People Out of Your Network

LinkedIn doesn’t allow you to send InMail to people who are not in your network. This makes your LinkedIn prospecting slow. But, this tool bypasses this limit. You can send bulk InMails to people even if they are not in your network. This is the feature we like the most. It saves us a huge amount of money and time.

Visit Profiles on Automation

LinkedIn has this cool feature which tells other who visited their profile. Marketers find this feature a great opportunity of building brand awareness. Meet Leonard visits hundreds of profiles on automation within your targeted audience. When they visit your profile back, they become aware of your product/services offering.

Manage Contacts and Campaigns with Meet Leonard CRM

Finding hundreds of profiles, messaging them and growing your profile is one thing. But, keep record of those contacts and monitoring leads is really messy. With Meet Leonard’s managed dashboard and CRM, you won’t need those boring spreadsheets to keep track of your leads. It comes with a CRM which helps you in managing your contacts and prospecting campaigns. You can keep a record of collected data from search, analyze it and optimize your sales within its dashboard.

Meet Leonard Pricing 

Meet Leonard pricing are pretty simple and fair. They charge $29 / month for one LinkedIn profile. If you want use it for more than one LinkedIn profile, you would need to pay an extra $29 every month.

They also have an upsell offer where you pay for 6 months upfront and get 43% OFF. You basically save $75 if you pay $99.  

The only payment option available for Meet Leonard is via MasterCard, Visa and American Express credit cards. No debit cards are accepted. No PayPal. Which turns off many people. But, if you have a credit card, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Meet Leonard also offers 14 days FREE Trial. The best thing that no credit card is required to avail the trial. You can test this product to see if this is something you are looking for.

Conclusive Meet Leonard Reviews

We give this tool 8.5/10 for its amazing functions and the ability is brings on the table. It saves time and money and let’s our LinkedIn profiles grow. You can use it for lead generation. However, we have concerns regarding its compliance with LinkedIn. Adding PayPal payment option would make it more convenient to pay. It is a good deal overall. You should go for but don’t overdo it. Their users have also left Meet Leonard reviews down below. Make sure you check their rating too.

Caution! Meet Leonard is not endorsed by LinkedIn and can get your account banned. Use it carefully.
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Meet Leonard

Automate your daily LinkedIn tasks. Grow your professional network, Prospecting, Lead Generation.


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